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Auto Accident Chiropractic in Lakeville, MN

If you’ve recently been in an auto accident it is important to see a chiropractor as soon as you can.  Enlighten Chiropractic is accepting auto accident and personal injury cases daily. 

How can a chiropractor help me after an auto accident?

Chiropractic care after an auto accident could be very helpful if you have suffer from whiplash or if you sustained any other musculoskeletal injuries. While pain might be an obvious reason, sometimes pain from an auto accident is not felt for a few days after an auto accident. Our Lakeville Chiropractic team will give you a thorough exam to help ensure that there are no hidden injuries that could create a problem in the future. Seeing a chiropractor after an auto accident will help reduce pain and muscular tension, help you heal, and prevent inflammation and scarring.

How soon should I see an auto accident chiropractor in Lakeville, MN?

Chiropractic care  is important to consider within 72 hours of an auto accident. If you need your medical documents for your insurance company or lawyers, Enlighten Lakeville, will have those prepared for you as well. 

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Let us help ease the pain

Getting into an auto accident is a stressful event.  Enlighten Chiropractic is here to relieve some of the burden and help ensure your body is healthy and fully functional not only now, but for the many years ahead of you.

Dr. Lee and Dr. Brielle offer a holistic approach to  care after an auto accident, and through different techniques will help your body decrease inflammation, pain, restore range of motion and reduce scar tissue. 

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