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Signs of OCD and How We Help

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) gets a reputation for being a condition that people who clean their houses obsessively have. However, this isn’t always the case. At Enlighten Chiropractic, serving Lakeville, MN, and the nearby region, our Lakeville chiropractor would like to educate you on what OCD is and how we can help. 


General Information 

Sometimes, people with OCD as the exact opposite of tidy. Their homes might be messy, but they may focus on certain items being arranged in a particular way. On the other hand, the person may have obsessions that aren’t related to cleanliness and organization. In some cases, though, the obsessions could be about tidiness. 


Might Have Recurring Violent or Sexual Thoughts 

While some people may repeatedly have to wash a counter or their hands or have to count their steps, some people have recurring violent or sexual thoughts. The thoughts could be immoral. And this leads to a vicious cycle of the person feeling impure 


May Have Rituals 

With OCD, you may have rituals that you have to do. You might repeat these over and over again to ensure it’s safe. For instance, if you have an overwhelming fear of a stranger entering your home when you’re gone, you may check your locks countless times before you leave the house and feel content leaving. 


Could Excessively Pray 

It’s normal for a person to pray to a higher power that something will happen for themselves or others. It’s also normal for a person to pray more when he or she strongly wants something or a tragic event just happened. However, if a person is praying and it’s interfering with their work or he or she feels anxiety when he or she doesn’t pray, this could be a sign of OCD. 


Might Hoard

Although the standard image of a person with OCD is a spotless, well-organized house, for some people with OCD, the exact opposite is true. Hoarding can be a symptom of OCD. The person becomes obsessed with collecting certain items or can’t bear to throw some things away. 


May Follow a Number of Superstitions 

Sometimes, a person may have little superstitions that he or she believes will help win a game or give him or her luck on an interview. However, an individual with OCD may have one or more superstitions that interfere with his or her daily life. 


For instance, he or she might have a fixation on numbers or colors that are good or bad. He or she may not be able to leave the house at certain times for fear of something bad happening. 


Might Be Excessively Worrying 

A person with OCD is forever worrying about a trigger. Then, the individual may develop superstitions or rituals to combat the anxiety or worry. 


For example, you might think about a mistake you made earlier and obsess over it. Your thoughts may go to what you think would have changed the course of the event. 


Performing Senseless Acts to Comfort Yourself 

OCD is an anxiety disorder. You might find yourself performing certain acts to try to combat the anxiety, such as tapping or counting. 


How We Help 

At Enlighten Chiropractic, our Lakeville chiropractic team gets to the root of your OCD by reducing your anxiety. We create a specialized program for you to relieve your anxiety. Specifically, we focus on the connection between your nervous system and mental health and how routine spinal alignments can promote better nervous system function. 


Book an appointment today at Enlighten Chiropractic, serving Lakeville, MN, and the neighboring communities, if you suffer from OCD. You may either call us at 952-232-1935 or use our contact form



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