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What’s a Sprain?

Did you ever hear someone say they tripped and probably sprained their ankle? It’s actually a possibility from this type of injury. By understanding what a sprain is, you can take the first step to recovery — contacting Enlighten Chiropractic, serving Lakeville, MN, and the nearby region, for assistance. 


General Information

A sprain classifies as a soft tissue injury. It occurs when you twist or wrench a body part with a ligament. The stress will either tear or stretch the ligament — the fibrous tissue joining two bones in a joint. 

Although you can sprain any ligament, the most common one to experience an injury to is the ankle. Additionally, you could experience a knee sprain if you’re pivoting during sports, particularly, basketball.  



At the time of the injury, you may hear a “pop” or feel it in the joint. After you might have decreased mobility in that joint. Additionally, it could feel hot to the touch or appear red. 

One of the main symptoms of a sprain is pain at the site of the injury. Swelling is another symptom. You might also notice bruising around the region. Bearing weight can become difficult if you have a sprained ankle or knee. 


Who’s Most at Risk 

Children are less likely to experience a sprain than an adult because they have growth plates on the ends of their bones. When they sustain an injury, it’s usually a break as opposed to a ligament injury. 

Your risk increases if your muscles and other soft tissue are overly worked. Muscle fatigue makes it difficult for the soft tissue to support the joints. With reduced support, the joints could more easily move in a manner that causes a sprain. 

If you’re mentally fatigued, you may not have as much control over your muscles. As a result, you could misstep and injure the soft tissue. 

Keep in mind that if you’re wearing poor-quality footwear, using worn sports equipment, or performing motions on an uneven floor, your chances of a sprain increases. 

How a Chiropractor Determines if You Have Sprain? 


Your chiropractor will conduct a physical examination of the area. Using their hands, either Dr. Nick Lee or Dr. Brielle Egilson will feel the area where you have an injury. Specifically, the practitioner is looking for tenderness or swelling. Your Lakeville chiropractor will use your response to the stimuli to determine the severity of the injury. 

Part of your exam will also include questions regarding your pain. For instance, you’ll need to answer when you began experiencing the pain and when it’s worse. Your chiropractor will also inquire if you had any previous injuries or any chronic conditions that affect the joints, such as arthritis. 

In some cases, your practitioner will order magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to check for a fracture or another bone injury. It’s also possible to use an MRI to determine the severity of your injury. 


How a Chiropractor Helps With a Sprain 

Once our Lakeville chiropractor decides you have a sprain, your practitioner will guide you through exercises that slowly work the area. These motions stretch the ligament gently and slowly. Gradually, these exercises increase in difficulty to ensure you regain function and flexion in that joint. 

Our chiropractor will recommend hot and cold therapy. At first, the practitioner will recommend a cold item, such as an ice pack, to combat inflammation. Then, the chiropractor will encourage you to place heat on the injury to encourage blood flow to the region to optimize healing. 

Treatment also tends to include lifestyle changes to promote healing. 

You could experience a sprain if you overexert yourself and overstress a joint. The first part of healing consists of a Lakeville chiropractor guiding you through the healing process. 


Book an appointment with Enlighten Chiropractic, serving Lakeville, MN, and the general vicinity, if you have signs of a sprain. We’re available by calling 952-232-1935 or using our contact form


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