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    Why Chiropractic Care Is Gaining Popularity

    Chiropractic care has been around for decades. Recently, though, it’s becoming more popular than ever. Enlighten Chiropractic wants to explain the increase in popularity in hopes you’ll hop on the bandwagon and experience for yourself exactly what a Lakeville chiropractor can do for you.


    More People Are Looking Toward Natural Care

    We don’t like to speak negatively about western medicine because it serves its place, just as chiropractic and other holistic care does. However, we hear from our patients more so than ever before that they want a natural treatment that doesn’t cause an array of short and/or long-term side effects. They often come to us because pain pills are often a staple treatment for managing chronic pain, and they don’t want to risk addiction just to manage their pain. 


    Patients Are Wanting to Target the Source of Their Symptoms

    Patients are thinking outside of the box, well, pill bottle, more so than ever. They realize that analgesics aren’t doing anything for them but covering up their symptoms. And while that does serve a purpose, it’s not a solution. Patients more than ever are turning toward treatments that target the source of their pain and better their overall health, which in return, is decreasing their symptoms. 


    Fortunately, chiropractic care does just this. Our Lakeville chiropractor performs the necessary diagnostics and determines just what’s causing the pain. Then, our practitioner figures out a course of action that focuses on alleviating the problem at the source. This is what more and more patients truly want. 


    People Are Desiring Better Overall Health

    More so than ever before, patients are wanting to improve their overall health. With more physicians focusing on preventive care for better health, it’s no wonder. Plus, the wealth of resources online stress the benefits of routine care and optimizing your overall health rather than waiting for a problem to arise. 


    Chiropractic care can improve your overall health and be part of a preventive care plan. The treatments center around bettering your spinal health, nervous system function, and musculoskeletal health. 


    People Aren’t Wanting to Put Their Lives on Hold 

    Although the average lifespan is increasing, people don’t want to waste a single moment being laid up in the house due a decrease in their range of motion or pain. Individuals don’t want to take off work and lose money because of back pain. Moreover, patients don’t want to take six weeks off to recover from surgery when their children need to be tended to and they have a household to run.


    Chiropractic care can prevent this from happening. In some cases, our Lakeville chiropractor may be able to help you prolong needing surgery. With routine care, you may be able to better manage your condition so it doesn’t disrupt your work or home life. 


    Even Insurance Companies Are Catching On 

    The Affordable Care Act (ACA) changed health insurance immensely. Some say the same for the better, while others say for the worst. In this bill, it was deemed necessary that all insurance providers must cover physical therapy. They, however, don’t have to cover chiropractic care of any sort. At this point in time, many insurance providers are seeing that it’s a popular treatment and believe it could be in their best interest to offer it to prospective policyholders. 

    At Enlight Chiropractic, serving Lakeville, MN, and the nearby region, we give the community what they’re asking for — chiropractic care. While they may not be asking for it by name, our care fulfills all the requirements that people are looking for nowadays. 

    See for yourself the difference chiropractic care can make by calling us at 952-232-1935.


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