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Work demands. World events. Family issues. School pressures. It’s no wonder so many people are awash in stress given how much they have to deal with daily. When not kept in check, that stress can result in many mental health issues. At Enlighten Chiropractic, we want to help patients dial back the stress in their lives so they can relax and enjoy life—not at full throttle.

Stress-Busting Specialists Dr. Nick and Dr. Brielle

Our Stress-Busting Specialists

Dr. Nick and Dr. Brielle are trained as neurological chiropractors. They specialize in recognizing that there’s a direct relationship between mental health and the brain and nervous system. They did further training with the American College of Addictionology and Compulsive Disorders. They each achieved Diplomate status.

Our Bodies’ Two States

A healthy body should be able to fluctuate between the sympathetic state and the parasympathetic state. Let’s take a look at each one:


This state is also referred to as “fight or flight.” Let’s say you have a bear behind you. All the blood comes out of your internal organs and shoots to your muscles. Your brain is going 100 mph in short bursts of anxiety. Being in this state is useful if your survival depends on it. What happens for many people, however, is they get stuck in this mode. The neurochemical cortisol (which is helpful short-term) can increase and may lead to adrenal burnout over time. 

From an evolutionary standpoint, we should only be in a sympathetic state for a few minutes until the threat passes. However, with the ever growing demands of life in the 21st century from work deadlines and hectic schedules to relationship stress and family demands, many people are simply burnt out.


Also known as the rest and digest mode, the parasympathetic state is when you’re relaxed. It’s like how you feel after an enjoyable Thanksgiving dinner. There’s no bear chasing you. No worries.

Two states of mind

Release Your Stress

Our doctors utilize specific chiropractic analysis to look for these patterns of stress and ease in the body. We find an area that’s asymptomatic—where there’s ease in the body—and that’s typically where we adjust.

TRT uses an instrument to deliver a light force. By removing that interference between the brain and the rest of the body, your muscles are able to relax naturally.

You’ll likely experience a parasympathetic healing wave which brings relaxation to the whole body. Chronically tight muscles start to relax. Those with headaches find relief. Your body naturally begins to engage in diaphragmatic breathing, which ignites a wave of relaxation to release chronic, stuck patterns. Your body is then able to shift back and forth between stress and relaxation.

In addition to a reduction in stress, you may sleep better, finding that you’re finally able to “shut your brain off” at the end of the day.

Enlighten Chiropractic mental health testimonial
Enlighten Chiropractic mental health testimonial
Enlighten Chiropractic mental health testimonial
Enlighten Chiropractic mental health testimonial

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