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4 Ways to Naturally Ease Depression

Shockingly, one in five people will be impacted by a mental illness throughout their lives, according to the National Network of Depression Centers. Many of these individuals will suffer from depression. Unfortunately, people go through life without any formal treatment, which can lead to self-medicating, among a variety of other issues. At Enlighten Chiropractic, we’re doing our part to assist those with depression. And our chiropractor in Lakeville, MN, has a few tips and can offer natural treatment to help. 




Firstly, I’d like to say, don’t hesitate to seek our psychiatric help if you have a serious issue. These are merely suggestions and aren’t a substitution for the assistance of a psychiatric professional. 


Take Me Time Each Day 

Every day, you should dedicate time for yourself that doesn’t involve thinking about your troubles or planning for tomorrow. This time should be especially for you to do something you love that lets your mind escape for a few, whether it’s reading a good book, working out, going for a hike, blasting music and kicking back, or doing a craft. Try for at least 15 to 30 minutes each day. 


During me time, you reset your brain. Me time can help ward off negative thoughts, anxiety, and depression. It’s a time to give your mind a break, which can aid in you regaining your mental clarity. It can also be time to work on your own health. 


If you feel like you can’t fit me time into your hectic schedule, consider taking away some screen time and turning it into me time. 


Exercise Regularly 

The Mayo Clinic suggests people receive at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise each day. Physical activity is beneficial to both your overall and mental health. When your overall health is better, it can improve your mental health. In fact, the Cleveland Clinic states about one-third of individuals who suffer from a chronic health condition have symptoms of depression. By reducing your risk of a chronic ailment, you simultaneously lessen your risk of depression. 


Additionally, exercise triggers the release of natural “feel-good” hormones known as endorphins. Your pituitary gland and hypothalamus release this hormone to combat stress and pain. Therefore, when you exercise, your body releases these hormones and can ease your pain and stress at the same time. 


Moreover, when you’re focused on the physical activity you’re participating in, you’re not worried about your problems. Plus, exercise can help improve your self-esteem, which is also known to combat depression. 


Eat a Well-Balanced Diet 

Your body needs adequate amounts of vitamin D, or you could develop symptoms of depression. You must either eat foods fortified with vitamin D, spend enough time in the sun regularly to obtain enough, or take a supplement. 


In addition, you could suffer from a magnesium deficiency if you have symptoms of depression. It’s a common deficiency, especially since your habits – including consuming too much coffee, sugar, salt, or alcohol – can contribute. You could also suffer from a B-complex deficiency or various others that lead to depression symptoms.  


Ideally, you should consume three balanced meals daily, rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat proteins, and low-fat dairy. You could also take a supplement to further guarantee you’re taking in enough of the nutrients your body requires. 


Seek Chiropractic Care 

During chiropractic care treatments, a chiropractor in Lakeville, MN, helps to ease your tension. Ultimately, this can address chronic pain that’s contributing to your depression. We can also provide you with advice and exercise therapy to improve the symptoms of your pain to ease your depression. 


If you’re one of the many individuals who suffer from depression, contact our chiropractor in Lakeville, MN, at Enlighten Chiropractic today. We offer a variety of treatments to assist and encourage you to take steps to decrease your symptoms at home. 


Book an appointment with Enlighten Chiropractic today for assistance with your depression by calling 952-232-1935 or using our online contact form



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