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Are You a Truck Driver? You’re at Risk for Back Problems. Learn How We Can Help!

As a truck driver, your job comes with a number of challenges. While the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) notes the commonality of injuries from fatigue, your chances of certain illnesses and injuries are high. It’s important to understand your risks and what you can do to prevent them. At Enlighten Chiropractic, serving Lakeville, MN, and the nearby region, as Lakeville chiropractors, we’d like you to know we’re here to help when you sustain an injury or experience chronic back pain. Plus, we’re also available for preventative care.


Back-Related Issues

For one, you place stress on the discs, vertebrae, and soft tissue in your back when you sit in a vehicle for prolonged periods. In fact, as a truck driver, you’re more prone to problems, such as degenerative disc disease. Plus, if you’re not sitting with proper posture as you drive, your likelihood of back issues is even greater. Moreover, sitting for lengthy amounts of time can lead to chronic pain or at least recurring pain in general. 

Additionally, while conditions like fibromyalgia aren’t triggered by the job, diseases like these increase the intensity of your symptoms since you’re placing pressure on your musculoskeletal system, particularly, the key structure of this system — your spine. 

If you’re overweight or get little exercise outside of your job, you’re only worsening the potential for back problems. 

And finally, you’re at risk for injuries not related to repetitive stress. For instance, if you deliver items and are hauling heavy boxes, you could easily sustain an injury like a herniated disc. You could also slip and fall as you’re transporting items, especially when you consider the conditions of Minnesota during the winter. Not to mention, and while no one wants to think of this possibility, you could be in an auto accident, which could cause a number of back injuries, including a sprain. 


How Our Lakeville Chiropractors Help Truck Drivers 

When you visit a Lakeville chiropractor at Enlighten Chiropractic, you may receive care for your general back pain and assistance with your chronic pain. Firstly, a chiropractor from our practice will assess you for any issues that cause recurring back pain using a physical examination and possibly imaging. If we detect a problem, a specialist from our practice can intervene with treatments like chiropractic alignments to reduce strain on the soft tissue in your back. We also provide chiropractic exercises, lifestyle advice, and various other treatments to assist. 

As an option for an auto accident chiropractor in Lakeville, MN, we can supply you with exercise therapy after an accident. Even if you suffer from another personal injury, we’re here to assist. 

For trucker drivers who contend with a chronic illness that their profession worsens, we offer techniques to ease pressure on your back and promote better circulation. 

In addition, since your job is often synonymous with chronic fatigue, routine spinal alignments may be able to help you sleep better and decrease your fatigue.

We should mention that our care can assist in injury and chronic back pain prevention. A practitioner at Enlighten Chiropractic will provide routine chiropractic adjustments, exercise therapy, and lifestyle advice recommendations to reduce the prevalence of chronic or acute pain related to your job. Some examples include helping with your posture and encouraging blood flow throughout your back to make you more resilient to injury. 

Your job keeps the city, state, or country running. And we’re all grateful for your services at Enlighten Chiropractic. We couldn’t practice without the drivers who transport our supplies! However, as chiropractors, we know the challenges your face in terms of your health and encourage you to come see us for injury or chronic back pain intervention. We’re also available for preventative care. 


Contact us today to see how we can help by calling our Lakeville, MN, office at 952-232-1935. We also have a convenient online form


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