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Benefits of Chiropractic Care After a Car Accident

After a car accident, you have a great deal to worry about. For instance, you may need to figure out how you’re going to get back and forth to work until your vehicle is out of the shop. And insurance companies make you jump through hoops. However, no matter what you’re dealing with, you should make healing a top priority. Fortunately, at Enlighten Chiropractic, you can visit a Lakeville chiropractor for these benefits:


Reduction in Pain 

When you visit a chiropractor for auto accidents in Lakeville, MN, you can find pain relief. Through the use of alignments, exercise therapy, and other treatments, we can decrease your pain so you can recover more comfortably. 


Non-Medicated Approach 

Far too often, a doctor’s first course of action for pain is to write a prescription. Unfortunately, while these drugs may ease your discomfort, they often come with unwanted side effects, such as nausea, vomiting, constipation, etc. These can’t be a long-term solution either since narcotics are addictive, acetaminophen is known to cause liver damage with prolonged use, and ibuprofen may lead to kidney problems or stomach ulcers with extended use. 


We should mention that these medications don’t help with healing. They just cover up your discomfort. 


Help With Healing 

Our chiropractor in Lakeville, MN, wants you to know that chiropractic care after an auto injury can help you with the healing process. Through exercise therapy, chiropractic exercise, and more, we can encourage your body to heal on its own. For instance, when you perform chiropractic exercises, you promote blood flow to the area. This blood carries nutrients that are necessary for the healing process.  


Prevent More Serious Injuries From Occurring 

If you don’t visit a medical professional for care after an automobile accident, you may not know the extent of your injuries. As a result, you might continue to use that body part as normal or as close to normal as possible. By doing so, you could worsen the problem or prevent it from healing properly. You could then spend the rest of your life with a limited range of motion in that body part or suffering from pain regularly. 


Non-Invasive Approach

A Lakeville chiropractor doesn’t take a surgical approach. We never provide invasive treatments that require prolonged downtime for you to recover. 


While you may need surgery in some cases, a Lakeville chiropractor may be able to prevent you from needing surgery by treating the issue early. 


Potentially Speeds Up the Healing Process 

Whether you work, have a family, enjoy sports, or whatever it is you do in life, the last thing you want is for a car accident to prevent you from doing what you love. Fortunately, with chiropractic care, we can sometimes speed up the recovery process so you can get back to living life normally again more quickly. 


Can Detect Injuries Before You Have Symptoms 

Not all car wreck injuries cause symptoms immediately. For instance, it could be a few days before you exhibit signs of whiplash. During this time, you can receive treatment early to prevent or reduce the prevalence of symptoms. It also allows you to get a headstart on treating the condition. Therefore, you might be able to speed up the healing process with early intervention. 


Automobile injuries may vary in severity. In some cases, you might not even know you have one until that prime window of opportunity for treatment is over. At Enlighten Chiropractic, we encourage individuals to schedule an appointment immediately after an accident to get the treatment they need because it can benefit them in several ways. 


Discover for yourself what a chiropractor for auto accidents in Lakeville, MN, can do for you by scheduling an appointment today. We’re available by calling 952-232-1935 or using our online contact form.


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