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Best Low-Impact Exercises for Knee Arthritis Patients

Osteoarthritis, which is the type of arthritis caused by wear and tear, commonly affects the knees. It can limit your mobility and cause you pain that can interfere with your ability to perform your usual tasks. You can optimize your flexibility and reduce your pain by performing low-impact exercises and stretches. Not to mention, you can burn calories and optimize your overall health with exercise. And a Lakeville chiropractor from Enlighten Chiropractic would like to educate you on the exercises most suitable for knee arthritis patients. 



Walking is a low-impact exercise that works your leg muscles. This physical activity can also burn calories to help you manage your weight and get your daily allotted amount of exercise, which is beneficial to your cardiovascular system. The amount you burn for walking a mile depends on your weight and pace. For example, if you weigh 160 pounds and walk one mile at 3.5 miles per hour, you’ll burn 96 calories. On the other hand, if you weigh the same and walk at a pace of 4.5 miles per hour, you’ll burn 132 calories. 


Swimming and Water Aerobics

Swimming is categorized as a low-impact exercise for your knee joints, and so is water aerobics. Your shoulders undergo the brunt of the force, which is why shoulder injuries are the most common swimming-related injuries. 


The buoyancy of the water relieves pressure on your joints, even when you’re doing the same exercises in water as on land. The movements of swimming generally only work the knees slightly. 

Swimming can also help you manage your weight because it burns calories. Specifically, for every hour you spend swimming, you’ll burn 356 calories if you weigh 160 pounds. As a general rule, the number of calories you burn increases the more you weigh. 



Another beneficial exercise for those with knee arthritis is yoga. This practice consists of you moving through a series of movements that stretch different areas of your body. 

There are various types of yoga. You could choose a slow variety. And this is, fortunately, an exercise you can do that you may exercise to meet your needs. Therefore, you may perform poses that don’t place pressure on your knee joints. You can also alter the exercises so they won’t place as much pressure on your knees. 

A person who weighs 160 pounds will burn 183 calories during one hour of yoga on average. However, if you partake in faster-paced yoga types like ashtanga yoga or power yoga, you’ll burn more calories. 



Pilates will work your muscles in a gentle way. Therefore, you’ll get the exercise you need without causing your knees any additional pain. This physical activity doesn’t classify as an aerobic exercise. It’s similar to yoga in the fact that you move your body through specific motions and breathe in a certain way. 

However, pilates is a more spiritual practice. Additionally, you may use a device to enhance the workout. The motions are different. And with pilates, you’re encouraged to continue moving rather than stopping to hold poses. 

This exercise burns similar calories to yoga. For example, a 150-pound person would burn 175 calories by participating in 50 minutes of pilates. 

Our Lakeville chiropractor at Enlighten Chiropractic can assist you with exercise therapy that specifically focuses on strengthening and stretching your knees and surrounding tissue. In addition, our practitioner can also recommend other low-impact exercises and stretches you can do at home to help your knees and assist you in getting enough exercise. 

Book an appointment today if you have knee arthritis and want pain relief by calling 952-232-1935 or using our online form


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