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Most Common Work-Related Injuries

If you recently sustained an injury at work, you may wonder if you’re alone. It could also help you to know about the common types of injuries to give you a general idea of what could be wrong. And at Enlighten Chiropractic, serving Lakeville, MN, and the general vicinity, we’d like to take a moment to explain the most common work-related injuries and inform you of how we help. 


Overexertion and Strain 

If an employee pushes his or herself too hard, it’s possible he or she will strain a body part or sustain a repetitive stress injury. Ultimately, this can lead to pain and affect his or her ability to move that body part. 

Our Lakeville chiropractor commonly sees this issue from people who are using improper lifting techniques, working for prolonged hours without a break, and handling microtasks on an assembly line. Sometimes, office employees will experience this in their fingers and wrists from typing or using a mouse and not having an ergonomic setup. 



Vehicular Accidents 

Whether a person is driving a car for work or operating a piece of machinery, it’s possible to get into a collision with another vehicle or object. This can place stress on various parts of a person’s body, including his or her back. 



Slips and Falls 

Another common injury is a slip or fall. These could happen from an improperly cared-for the workplace. For instance, an employer may have someone mop the floor. If the person doesn’t put up a cone or some sort of notification informing people that the floor is slippery, it could be the employer’s fault if a person slips. It might also be the employer’s fault if it was a dark hallway, and it wasn’t properly lit. 


However, in some cases, it may merely be a case where the employee wasn’t careful or just had a misstep. 




Whilst everyone would like to come into a workplace where everyone gets along and there are no disputes, this, unfortunately, isn’t reality. In some cases, there are verbal altercations, and they could turn physical. In the more serious events, one person may be seriously injured. For example, although it isn’t common, whiplash can stem from a personal injury when one person shakes a person rapidly. 



Struck by a Fallen Object

If someone works in an environment where there are items placed up high, it’s possible one could fall and hit you in the head. If the force is extreme enough, it could render a person unconscious, especially if it was from a heavy item. 

On the other hand, even if the item doesn’t knock the individual unconscious, the person could still sustain a head injury, like a concussion.



How Our Lakeville Chiropractor May Help 

Whether someone sustains a car accident injury in Lakeville while on the clock or experiences another personal injury at work, our Lakeville chiropractor can assess the situation and determine the injury’s extent. Then, our practitioner can decide on an appropriate course of action. 

For instance, if you suffered from a car accident injury in Lakeville and have a herniated disc, our chiropractor may provide you with a spinal alignment – a treatment that consists of our practitioner manually moving the vertebrae in your spine so they align with the discs. As a result, you’ll have less pressure on the injured disc, and it can, in return, heal more efficiently. 

Exercise therapy is another possible treatment. This gets the injured body part moving so you slowly regain function and flexion in the area. This can also help to ease your pain. 

Part of our care also includes educating you on ways to prevent injuries in the workplace, such as by learning proper lifting techniques. 

A workplace injury can hinder your ability to continue working normally and affect your home life as well. If you experience any of the aforementioned injuries or another work-related injury, it helps to visit our chiropractic office. 

Contact us for an appointment today if you recently suffered from a work-related injury by calling 952-232-1935 or using our online form


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