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FAQs About Tendinitis

Our chiropractor in Lakeville, MN, will thoroughly assess your injured or sore body part. From this assessment, our chiropractor may determine you have an issue known as tendinitis. Fortunately, it’s manageable with chiropractic care from Enlighten Chiropractic.

We’ve listened to your questions about tendinitis and would like to take a moment to answer them.

What’s Tendinitis?

Tendinitis describes inflammation of a tendon, which is fibrous tissue that attaches muscle to bone.

Which Tendons Can Develop Tendinitis?

Tendinitis can impact any tendon. However, it’s more common in your wrists, knees, heels, shoulders, or elbows.

Certain forms of tendinitis are more common in people who play certain sports. Thus, they’ve been given names related to the sport that typically causes them. Examples include:

-Pitcher’s shoulder
-Golfer’s elbow
-Tennis elbow
-Jumper’s knee
-Swimmer’s shoulder

What Are the Symptoms of Tendinitis

Usually, you’ll develop symptoms where the tendon connects to the bone. And the symptoms could include any of the following:

-Pain, usually a dull aching sensation
-Pain that worsens upon moving the affected tendon

What Causes Tendinitis?

In most cases, tendinitis arises from repetitive stress on a tendon. Usually, it occurs from performing the same motion repeatedly over time.

On the other hand, you might develop tendinitis from a sudden injury.

Who’s Most at Risk for Tendinitis?

Some people are more at risk for tendinitis than others, such as older individuals. As you age, you become less flexible, so your soft tissue is more vulnerable to an injury.

Your occupation and hobbies could also make you more prone to this issue. For instance, if you have a job that entails you performing repetitive motions or involves using tools that emit vibrations, you’re more at risk.

Sports can contribute to tendinitis. Besides the ones listed above, you could also develop tendinitis if you bowl or run.

How Does a Chiropractor Help With Tendinitis?

A chiropractor in Lakeville will first examine the body part and ask you questions about your job and hobbies. Your practitioner will want to know about your symptoms and when you experience them. 

Your chiropractor may ask you to move the body part to demonstrate your range of motion at your appointment. This can also give your practitioner a look at when you experience pain. 

Typically, your practitioner can diagnose tendinitis without any further testing. However, our chiropractor may request you undergo an x-ray to rule out other issues. 

Next, you’ll receive a treatment plan customized to your conditions. It may consist of chiropractic exercise therapy. For this treatment, your practitioner will ask you to perform certain exercises. 

These activities slowly work the joint to help build strength and flexibility in the area. The motions also draw blood to the region, so it receives the nutrients necessary to heal. 

Sometimes, your treatment plan also includes comfort measures, such as hot and cold therapy. Your practitioner will educate you on when to use each based on your healing. Compression might be another option since this treatment will help ease the swelling. 

Part of your treatment will also include lifestyle advice about injury prevention now and in the future. For example, our practitioner will stress the importance of stretching before exercises. Your treatment plan may also include advice on the proper technique for your sport. 

Tendinitis can cause you pain and discomfort, especially when you move. You can heal from it, though, especially if you work with a chiropractor for your injury. 

Book an appointment today if you think you have tendinitis or would like to work on preventing it. Call us at 952-232-1935, or use our online contact form


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