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What’s Bursitis? Our Lakeville, MN, Chiropractor Has the Answer!

Bursitis, tendinitis, and arthritis are all common conditions that cause inflammation in part of your body. Fortunately, with treatment, you can manage the issue using natural methods. But, what exactly is bursitis? Our Lakeville, MN, chiropractor at Enlighten Chiropractic will let you know. 


What Exactly Is Bursitis?

You have bursae, which are closed, liquid-filled sacs that cushion certain areas of the body where tissue meets. For instance, you have bursae near the tendons around large joints, such as your knees, hips, shoulders, or elbows.


If you overwork or injure a bursa, it could lead to inflammation. When that bursa swells, you develop a condition known as bursitis. It’s often temporary and will subside over time, especially with the proper treatment.  

Sometimes, bursitis develops from an infection. 


What Are the Symptoms of Bursitis?

Bursitis symptoms vary based on location. For one, you may experience pain in the area. The pain will worsen when you press on the region or move it. Additionally, the region may look red or swollen, feel stiff, or ache. You may notice a decrease in your range of motion. 

If the problem stems from an injection, you may have a fever. 


What Causes Bursitis?

In general, the cause of bursitis relates to repeatedly performing the same motion and stressing the bursa. For instance, if you kneel on the ground to lay carpeting or perform plumbing, you’re more at risk for knee bursitis than someone with a different type of job that doesn’t require them to kneel. Additionally, you’re more likely to develop bursitis if you play a sport that requires you to perform the same motion, such as throwing a baseball. Hobbies like gardening that keep you in the same position for hours also contribute to bursitis. 


If you have gout, infection, or rheumatoid arthritis, you’re more prone to this condition, too. Diabetes increases your chances of bursitis, and so does being overweight since it places pressure on your knees and hips. 


How Do Chiropractors Diagnose Bursitis?

When you come into our office, our chiropractic specialist in Lakeville, MN, our practitioner will ask you to fill out a medical history report before you visit with our practitioner. You’ll answer questions about any medications you take as well as your lifestyle and any conditions you have. 


Our chiropractor will look carefully at the location of the affected area to analyze it for redness and visible swelling. The practitioner may ask you to move that particular area, the chiropractor will also inquire about your pain level in general and when you move it. 


Often, our practitioner will recommend further testing to diagnose the problem accurately. For instance, our chiropractor may ask you to undergo imaging if your pain’s cause can’t be identified during an examination alone. Specifically, our chiropractor will use an ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan.  


If we suspect an infection is causing your bursitis, we’ll refer you to a physician. 


How Does a Chiropractor Treat Bursitis?

Physical therapy is often the first course of action. Our chiropractor will guide you through exercises that strengthen and promote blood flow to the area for healing. Our chiropractor may also recommend ways to help you manage pain and inflammation naturally. 


If you suspect you have bursitis or are experiencing pain and inflammation in or around a joint, contact Enlighten Chiropractic, serving Lakeville, MN, and the surrounding region, today to get the help you need. Call us at 952-232-1935, or use our contact form




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